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Uses / applications

Among the uses of Aloe Vera, are the cosmetics, industrial and drinks. taking the following applications and benefits depending on their processing and finished product used as shampoo, creams, juices, gels, hair treatments, tablets, etc...

Heartburn, anti-aging, arthritis and rheumatism, general infections, asthma, hair, wound healing, clotting, cholesterol, teeth, digestion, pain, moisturizer, hypertension, blemishes, skin burns...

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Uses / applications

Aloe Products

Know our products, their properties, characteristics and presentations. If you are thinking in your health thinks in ALOE, certainly has much to do for you...

10 reasons to consume ALOE
1.- The essential amino acids in aloe vera resemble the human body more than any other known plant. It contains 19 of the 22 amino acids that our body requires...



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